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August 2020: Performance & Programmatic Insights

Posted by Fraudlogix on Aug 28, 2020 4:48:00 PM

Partnerize Acquires Pepperjam, Consolidating Affiliate Marketing

Partnerize has acquired Pepperjam to strengthen its hold on the affiliate marketing space as brands look to prove performance for their dollars. (MediaPost) - Affiliate

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No Longer The Exception: 69% Of Brands In-House Programmatic

In-housing programmatic has gone from a nascent trend to the norm as brands seek more control over their first-party data. Brands were most inclined to in-house programmatic in Europe, with 74% of brands saying they had moved programmatic in house, compared to 69% of US brands and 64% of brands in Latin America. (adexchanger) - Programmatic

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5 Pivots Ecommerce Marketers are Making Due to COVID

Everything has been disrupted, but at the same time, demand for ecommerce is at an all-time high. Some retailers I’ve talked with have said that they are seeing Cyber Monday-levels of online activity, every single day. I’m hearing stories of ecommerce businesses that have been accelerated three, five and even ten years ahead of where they expected to be. (Forbes) - Affiliate

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Google Launches Programmatic Audio In Ad Manager, Amplifies Audio Features In DV360

The ad giant launched in beta a bunch of new offerings in Ad Manager and DV360 for programmatic audio buyers and sellers. This is the first time Google is providing programmatic sales capabilities for audio publishers in Ad Manager. (AdExchanger) - Programmatic

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Affiliate Marketing Fraud To Cost $1.4 Billion Globally in 2020

Affiliate marketing stands at $15 billion in 2020, however, at least 9% of all transactions are affected by fraud. (PerformanceIn) - Affiliate

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With Ad Budgets Under The Microscope, Some Magnify Google Custom Bidding

As the advertising industry waits for the loss of third-party cookies and personal identifiers, Mario Schiappacasse, vice president, programmatic media at Jellyfish, believes this type of programmatic technology has become key during uncertain times when advertisers must make the most of media spend and generate long-term revenue. (Media Post) - Programmatic

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As Delivery Market Consolidates, Affiliate Marketing Gets Sophisticated

Uber’s recent decision to acquire Postmates for $2.65 billion was just the beginning. As the delivery market consolidates, there will almost certainly be rising demand for pay-for-performance marketing products that help these companies strike a balance between volume and profitability. (StreetFight) - Affiliate

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CTV Ad Fraud Study IDs Early Warning Signs

While fraudulent methods like server-side ad insertion (SSAI), platform mismatch and app ID spoofing have been behind high-profile CTV fraud schemes like DiCaprio and Monarch, the study found several suspicious activities that can serve to help head off fraud. (DigitalNewsDaily) - Programmatic

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How to Safeguard Your Affiliate Campaigns and Weed Out IP Addresses Associated with Ad Fraud

When it comes to your affiliate campaigns, you probably consider how engaging they are. You’ll pay attention to how dynamic and on-brand they are. You’ll be excited for how profitable they can be. But there’s one more thing you should think of when you’re preparing your affiliate campaigns: how safe from fraud they are. (Fraudlogix) - Affiliate

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Brands continue to lean heavily on programmatic advertising, IAB says

IAB's latest report follows years of growth in the programmatic category and comes as the pandemic accelerates consumer digital consumption and changes marketers' data-related needs in the face of growing regulations and third-party cookie degradation. (Marketing Dive) - Programmatic

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