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Nov. 2, 2020 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on Nov 2, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Publishers and Media Buyers Seek Greater Transparency in Brand Safety Measures

First-party data tools built in anticipation of consumer privacy protection laws are now being adapted to the minefields around Covid-19 and the expansive calls for racial justice. (Adweek)

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Nielsen Expands Connected TV Measurement to YouTube and YouTube TV

Ads watched on YouTube and YouTube TV on connected TV devices will be added to Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and Nielsen’s Total Ad ratings beginning next year. (Adweek)

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Apple search crawler activity could signal a Google competitor, or a bid to make Siri a one-stop shop

Signs of Apple’s resurgent interest in search technologies can be found in both a subtle but significant change to the latest version of the iOS 14 iPhone operating system and increasing activity from Apple’s spidering tools that are used to scour the web and refine search functionality. (TechCrunch)

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Independent Ad Tech Is Poking Holes in Google’s Dovekey Proposal

The third-party cookie doomsday clock is now at 15 months, and the ad-tech industry is still at loggerheads over finding a viable replacement for the backbone of web advertising. (Adweek)

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IAB Europe’s ad tracking consent framework found to fail GDPR standard

A flagship framework for gathering Internet users’ consent for targeting with behavioral ads fails to meet the required legal standards of data protection. (TechCrunch)

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Google Analytics Gets A Major Privacy And Machine Learning-Focused Overhaul

The updated product includes privacy controls to help publishers manage their data use, a beefed up data deletion tool and a consent mode API that makes it easier for customers to pass along consent information collected from their users. (AdExchanger)

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IPO Rumors: Is Wall Street Ready To Embrace Ad Tech (Again)?

DoubleVerify, AppLovin appear to be exploring public offerings, fueling debate about bubbles or serious value, contributing to the most robust IPO market in five years. (Adweek)

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EU parliament backs tighter rules on behavioural ads

The EU parliament has backed a call for tighter regulations on behavioral ads (aka microtargeting) in favor of less intrusive, contextual forms of advertising. (TechCrunch)

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