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Mar. 3, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on Mar 3, 2021 10:00:00 AM

California’s privacy law has had ‘no impact’ on ad revenues or inventory, but indirect effects could hurt

Yet despite the lack of immediate impact, companies say there are ripple effects from CCPA that they expect to feel in a much more tangible way in the near future. (DigiDay)

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Meet The Four Horsemen Of Mobile’s Answer To The Cookiepocalypse

Technologies and strategies being considered to underpin the future of identity as the first of several monolithic industry dominoes is set to fall. (AdExchanger)

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Will Ad Tech Changes Leave Publishers and Marketers Stranded on Apple Island?

Ad targeting, measurement, monetization and data will be stripped of Apple’s IDFA—and the app ecosystem searches for answers on how to drive and calculate ROI. (Adweek)
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Embracing ‘Healthy Fragmentation’ In Ad Tech, With Genevieve Juillard

In the early days of ad tech, fragmentation was an evil made necessary by the breakneck pace of VC-fueled innovation. No longer. (AdExchanger)

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Programmatic: Why building a curated marketplace should be a priority for buyers in 2021

Many now assume that media buyers operating their own ‘curated marketplace’ are simply looking to work with fewer partners in the supply chain. (The Drum)

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The 6th Wave of Advertising Technology: Privacy

This change is going to upend the industry as we know it, and offers huge opportunities for anyone in the right position to take advantage of it. (AdExchanger)
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What advertising's biggest industry events will look like in 2021

A number of marketers’ favorites are slated to run using in-person or hybrid live-virtual formats. (AdAge)
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How CTV Audience Data Is Changing Ad Funded Streaming Forever

So viewers are switching to CTV, they’re watching ad-supported content, and yet ad dollars are not following: why is that? (AdExchanger)

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CCPA On The East Coast? Meet CDPA, Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act

CDPA vs. CCPA vs. GDPR. Add Consumer Data Protection Act to your list of privacy regulation initialisms. (AdExchanger)

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