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Mar. 25, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on Mar 25, 2021 1:00:00 PM

Google’s Post-Cookie Targeting Plans Stumble at a GDPR Hurdle

The online giant prepares to withdraw support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser next year and will delay FLoC experiments in Europe over privacy requirements. (Adweek)

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Unified ID 2.0 To Enter Beta Phase

Advertisers will be able to start transacting on impressions using Unified ID 2.0 identifiers and officially incorporate them into the bid stream. (AdExchanger)

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Instagram Set to Launch New Affiliate Feature

Instagram’s new ‘Affiliate’ feature, which will allow creators to monetise their content through the app. (PerformanceIN)

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Google to Put Out New Publisher Tools Following ID Shake-Up

The company announced it would rollout new tools to help data-rich publishers earn more from programmatic ads. (Adweek)

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10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic

Reveal the confluence of strategies, operations, and technologies required to drive growth in a post-Covid-19 world. (Harvard Business Review)

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Is Airbnb’s holiday from performance marketing a mistake?

Airbnb has caused a huge stir after telling shareholders that it is making a permanent shift from performance marketing to brand marketing. (Campaign)

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Apple’s IOS 14 Is Causing Major Changes To How Facebook Does Measurement

"Wholesale changes" are chipping away at Facebook’s ability to measure and demonstrate performance. (AdExchanger)
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Antitrust Suit Takes New Aim at Google’s Cookieless Future

The lawsuit claims Google's decision to eliminate third-party cookies is anticompetitive because it raises barriers to entry. (Adweek)

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Attribution will be challenging — but not impossible — in a cookieless world

Marketers have spent years perfecting attribution models, but once Google makes its planned browser changes, these models will no longer work. (Marketing Dive)

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