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May 4, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on May 4, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Apple Has Finally Implemented Its Privacy Overhaul, Here’s What You Need to Know

Advertisers will need to reassess if their spend on iOS devices delivers a return on investment. Below is how each tier of the industry will have to adjust to iOS 14.5. (Adweek)

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Performance: Under the Spotlight More Than Ever

Stop putting performance in a corner. The learnings, insights and data gleaned from performance is a fuel for your business. (PerformanceIN)

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IAB Europe Releases Guide to the Programmatic CTV Opportunity in Europe

Authored by industry leaders from across Europe, it provides a European-level overview of the CTV programmatic supply chain. (ExchangeWire)

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Adweek Special Report: The Death of Cookies

A guide to help readers in four major industries—ad tech, publishing, media buying and brand marketing—navigate privacy changes. (Adweek)

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How programmatic audio is unlocking ‘screen-free’ campaigns

Audio programmatic advertising presents a prime opportunity for building screen-free campaigns that can be integrated into an existing digital strategy. (Digiday)

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What’s Next For Performance Marketing

Brand marketing encourages customers to raise their hands.  Performance marketing makes it as easy as possible for a customer to get your product into their hand after they raise it. (Forbes)

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The Ad Platform: What's coming up for programmatic in the next 10 years

How will AI continue to evolve in the space, how will addressability and measurability change post-cookie, and what will the maturation of ecommerce mean for digital advertising? (eMarketer)

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Apple’s ATT power play: the hard truths of throttled competition and concentrated leverage

The company has spent years criticizing other online platforms for monopolizing people’s data in the pursuit of media dollars. And yet, that very same criticism is now being levied at it. (Digiday)

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