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June 29, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on Jun 29, 2021 1:31:00 PM

Google delays Chrome's cookie-blocking privacy plan by nearly 2 years

Google has delayed a major privacy change to its Chrome browser until late 2023 as it determines how to protect users while providing web publishers a way to make money. (CNET)

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Programmatic mobile video ads see 194% growth in India: InMobi report

InMobi report finds in-app video ads showing significantly higher click through rate as compared to other formats. (Business Insider India)

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Why Affiliate Marketing Is Poised to Rise as Third-Party Cookies Crumble

Now that third-party cookies will be taken out of the equation, marketers will need to start taking consumers’ demand for authenticity more seriously. (Adweek)

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Google’s adtech business set to face formal EU probe by year-end

An EU probe would focus on Google's position vis-a-vis advertisers, publishers, intermediaries and rivals, indicating deeper scrutiny than the French antitrust agency's case concluded last week. (Reuters)

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Here's What Google’s Cookie Deprecation Delay Means for Publishers and Marketers

Details are still scant, with questions outweighing answers, leaving publishers and marketers twisting in the wind. (Adweek)

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Billboard And Outdoor Advertising Market Trends Include Automated Programmatic Media

As marketers seek to reach consumers on their phones, including iPhone users who aren't opting into tracking, contextual targeting has taken precedence. (EIN Presswire)

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Google Commits to Opening Up Its Ad Stack, Marketers Remain Skeptical

Google pledged to make changes to part of its ad-tech stack Google Ad Manager in order to level the playing field. (Adweek)

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Why Amazon Fire TV Cleared Out Third-Party DSPs – And What That Means For Programmatic

Two years ago, Amazon announced a programmatic Fire TV program with The Trade Desk and dataxu as inaugural DSP partners. (AdExchanger)

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