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September 9, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on Sep 9, 2021 1:00:00 PM

UK Could Scrap Cookie Pop-ups and Some GDPR Restrictions

The British government is considering an alternative to the GDPR in the wake of the country’s split from the EU. (AdExchanger)

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Facebook Advertisers Struggle to Track Sales After Apple Privacy Changes

Social network informs marketers that it will use new models to calculate some ad results. (AdAge)
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With iOS 15, Apple Will Get Permission Before Serving its Own Targeted Ads

This is the first time Apple has asked users to opt in to personalized ads in its own apps. (AdExchanger)

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Nielsen’s Grip Over TV Ratings Loosens Amid Streaming Boom

Company faces a double whammy: challenges in its legacy products and customers looking for alternative ways to measure streaming viewership. (WSJ)

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Southeast Asia: A Region Ready for an E-Commerce Boom

Asia overall is now the largest B2C e-commerce market globally, ahead of the US and Europe. (PerformanceIN/Partnerize/Lodestar)

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A Prescription for Vigilance Against CTV Ad Fraud

Gangsters always follow the money. And today, all roads lead the digital ad fraudsters to the over-the-top and connected TV space. (AdExchanger/Smart)

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The Increasingly Blurred Lines Between Influencer and Performance Marketing

There are some delicate steps to take in making the move to a performance based influencer programme. (PerformanceIN/Partnerize)

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Reddit Adds Conversation Placement Option for Advertisers

Conversation Placement advertisements can now appear between the original post and first comment in a thread. (Adweek)

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Will the Stock Market Mint Ad Tech Millionaires?

With billions of dollars of value being created when these ad tech companies go public, is it minting a crop of ad tech millionaires? (AdExchanger)
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How to Prepare Your SME to Use Data-Driven Marketing

While much will change in the next two years, small businesses need to use this time wisely to prepare for the new advertising environment. (PerformanceIN)

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Why Spectrum Brands is Bringing its Amazon Advertising Approach to the Web

There is a distinct Amazon approach to advertising, and it’s taking over the rest of retail media. (AdExchanger)
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