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October 5, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on Oct 5, 2021 3:00:00 PM

A ‘constant merry-go-round’: Nielsen and Comscore say the right things, but aren’t progressing fast enough for media buyers

The move to planning and buying television nationally on an impressions basis rather than on ratings has been relatively smooth and steady over the last two years. (Digiday)

Amazon is generating hefty revenue from the top consumer brands because getting valuable placement on the biggest e-commerce site comes with a rising price tag. (CNBC)

Poof! When Google extended the cookie deadline, urgency behind testing publishers’ new ad products subsided

Two months since Google gave the industry a reprieve, the air is slowly seeping out of the cookieless balloon. (Digiday)

Streaming TV Is Built For Indie Ad Tech, With Innovid CEO Zvika Netter

Innovid CEO Zvika Netter argues that this fragmentation will continue, a state of affairs he claims will benefit independent ad tech players. (AdExchanger)

Programmatic Will Help Unlock the Value of Audio - Q&A with Benjamin Masse, Triton Digital

Managing Director at Triton Digital, gives an overview of the current programmatic audio landscape – as well as its challenges and its opportunities. (ExchangeWire)

What Marketers Need to Know About the IAB's Latest Ad Fraud Crackdown

The IAB Tech Lab is planning a further transparency crackdown by drafting detailed guidelines to help media buyers enact anti-fraud measures. (Adweek)

Publishers Remain Divided on What to Do in the Cookieless Future

For UID2—or any alternative identifier—to be a viable option for advertisers, it needs wide-scale adoption. But concerns over data leakage and consumer privacy have given publishers pause. (Adweek)

Using high levels of cryptographic security, ads.cert 2.0 aims to help ensure that media buys are secure and legitimate. (The Drum)

BFFs once more, advertisers and publishers rediscover their alliance amid tracking turmoil

Advertisers see publishers as a valuable source of audience data in the absence of third-party cookies. What’s old is new again amid advertising’s reckoning with privacy. (Digiday)

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