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May 19, 2021 | Programmatic & Performance Marketing News

Posted by Fraudlogix on May 19, 2021 3:30:00 PM

DuckDuckGo, Firefox & GitHub say ‘no Flocing way’ to Google’s privacy updates

Browsers, developers, publishers, and tech players from across the board have vowed to block Google’s Floc API. Here’s what it means for marketers who are searching for answers. (The Drum)

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BrightLine Sees Programmatic Demand For Interactive CTV Ads Surge 4x In 2021

Originator of programmatic interactive CTV ads sees massive uptick as agency demand combines with growing supply offering. (PRNewswire)

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The Future of Performance Marketing and Performance Marketers

GainShare says the ability to see ROI and understand return in how you optimize is, yet again, challenged by the data conundrum. (MarTech Series)

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Why a Full-Funnel Approach is the Key to Performance Marketing

Perform[cb] says this approach is all about tailoring a brand’s messaging and promotions to fit each specific stage of the buyer’s journey. (PI Network)

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The Programmatic Revolution in Southeast Asia

Second-largest programmatic region, representing $13 billion USD or 30 percent of global spend according to MAGNA’s 2020 programmatic intelligence report. (Branding in Asia)

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6 Types Of Post-Cookie Data That Will Still Be Available After 2022

Identity graphs and consented third-party data, household-level data, second-party data, contextual data, cohorts and, of course, first-party data, including login data. (AdExchanger)

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Why Networks Don't Prioritize Programmatic as They Move Into Streaming

The growth of streaming, accelerated by the pandemic, is pushing marketers to move some of their TV budgets out of linear and into connected TV. (Adweek)

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Google Defeats Advertisers' Antitrust Claims -- For Now

Siding with Google, a federal judge has dismissed antitrust claims brought by advertisers that alleged the company unlawfully monopolized “programmatic display advertising services.” (MediaPost)

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