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Fraudlogix Launches Expanded Data Feeds for Pre-Bid Quality Checks

Posted by Fraudlogix on Feb 28, 2018 3:51:51 PM

Fraudlogix is launching two new data feeds: Domain Reputation Check and Ad Blocker Intelligence. Users of the Domain Reputation Check can pre-check domains, and the Ad Blocker Intelligence will help users block the ad blockers pre-bid. Our IP Block List has been consistently effective for immediately improving the quality of inventory and campaigns. So we've decided to take this approach to quality a few steps forward by offering the two additional data-based feeds.

Domain Reputation Check

The Domain Reputation Check was designed for companies to be able to do a quality pre-check on domains before running ads on them - think of it as a domain "credit check." Users have access to proprietary intelligence on domains, receiving insight into fraud scores, viewability probability, spoofing risk level, and brand safety category. 

There are several use cases for the Domain Reputation Check, but some of the more notable ones are:

  • Get a domain's reputation before placing ads on its pages.
  • Pre-check a domain before allowing into a network or platform.
  • Create a domain block list to block ads to fraudulent domains or those with other quality issues.
  • Do a post-campaign quality analysis of domains where ads ran.

Ad Blocker Intelligence

Ad blockers have been discussed and debated within the RTB space for some time now and research has shown growing usage in recent years - a concern for advertisers who may be paying for ads that end up blocked. With this in mind, Fraudlogix is adding Ad Blocker Intelligence to our suite of data feeds.

The Ad Blocker Intelligence is a database of IP addresses identified by Fraudlogix as consistently blocking ads through the use of ad blockers. In these cases the ad tag is served, but the subsequent ad is blocked from the user's view. The Ad Blocker database assigns a "propensity level" of medium, high, or extreme based on how often an ad blocker is being utilized for each individual IP. The list updates hourly.

The Ad Blocker Intelligence works by allowing clients to either connect with the file via API or download. They then host the file in their environment and can use it on an unlimited amount of traffic pre-bid. They also have control over what traffic it's applied to on their platforms.

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Topics: Programmatic RTB