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Advangelists Adds Fraudlogix Tech to Fight Ad Fraud, Emphasize Quality

Posted by Fraudlogix on Aug 20, 2019 10:50:09 AM

Advangelists is integrating Fraudlogix's technology to bolster the all-in-one ad tech platform's fraud-fighting capabilities and ensure its advertisers quality inventory.

Advangelists has been on a mission to provide the ad tech industry with a single, seamless, easy-to-use programmatic platform that’s both transparent and fraud-free. Continuing with this mission, the operating system has integrated Fraudlogix’s technology to help minimize invalid traffic, monitor its inventory for low-quality sources, boost the performance of marketing campaigns, and eliminate bad players. Fraudlogix’s technology is used in conjunction with Advangelists’ proprietary anti-fraud tool AdCop™. Both are free features offered to advertisers using the platform.

“We believe that ad fraud hurts everyone in the ad tech ecosystem,” said Advangelists CTO Lokesh Mehta. “We are observing less than a one percent discrepancy using Fraudlogix’s pre-bid supply quality tools as a redundancy mechanism alongside our in-house AdCop tool. It’s a belt-and-suspenders strategy ensuring absolute confidence that our publisher and advertisers are protected from fraudsters.”

“Ad fraud protection is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ feature of an ad-tech platform. Advertisers expect it and want to know that their marketing budgets are safe, but they shouldn’t have to go to multiple third-party vendors and pay extra for that protection,” said Fraudlogix CEO Hagai Shechter. “We’re happy to provide technology that Advangelists can integrate directly into their platform that will help protect campaigns at no additional cost for advertisers.”

Ad fraud has proven to be a multi-billion dollar problem for the digital advertising industry. Low-quality supply, fraud and lack of transparency have led brands to demand that the advertising technology industry take steps to better protect advertisers from bad actors who are using ad tech platforms for fraudulent schemes. 


Advangelists (www.advangelists.com) was designed around the notion that advertising should be an amalgamation of great features and great usability, and all the tools needed should be in one single platform. The company’s proprietary machine learning algorithms deliver maximum results in fraud detection, campaign ROI, location behaviors and conversion data. Advangelists is committed to the continuous evolution of its AI-powered platform that will positively alter the advertising industry. Advangelists is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (OTC:MOBQ)

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