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Go With Media: Ad Fraud ‘One of the Biggest Issues Facing Digital Ad Ecosystem’

Posted by Fraudlogix on Oct 11, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Go With Media (GWM), a boutique media agency that specializes in online video campaigns, is partnering with Fraudlogix to protect its advertiser clients from ad fraud and assist them with providing campaigns that are brand safe and viewable. GWM focuses on bringing innovation and guidance to brands and media companies in the United States and globally, and finds ad fraud as a large threat to the real-time media buying industry.

“Ad fraud is one of the biggest issues the digital ad ecosystem is dealing with today,” said Ron Grabiner CRO at GWM. "Fraudlogix’s anti-fraud and verification solutions provides us with the right tools for this fight.”

In the real-time bidding space of digital advertising, Fraudlogix regularly sees billions of impressions monthly and uses machine-learning to detect fraudulent traffic, including views that were generated by bots, malware and compromised devices. Beyond ad fraud, Fraudlogix will also provide GWM with in depth data on the viewability and brand safety of campaigns, allowing the agency to better optimize buys for its clients.  

“Advertisers are demanding quality digital ads and campaigns that meet their goals, now more than ever,” said Hagai Shechter, CEO of Fraudlogix. “Go With Media is taking the steps necessary to protect their clients and their campaigns.”


GO With Media is a boutique media agency specializing in online ad video campaigns.  GWM was established with the goal of providing brands with the most effective video advertising solutions in the digital landscape. In the ever-changing digital advertising world, GWM technology allows our partners to execute, run and constantly monitor their digital campaigns with full transparency along the way.

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