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RTB Corner: April 12, 2018

Posted by Fraudlogix on Apr 12, 2018 10:53:43 AM

RTB Corner for April 12, 2018 - The latest news and views for the Supply-Side and DSP Community.

More than 80% of digital display ads will be bought programmatically in 2018

Over $46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US this year, according to eMarketer’s latest programmatic forecast—about $10 billion more than last year. That means 82.5% of all US digital display ads will be bought via automated channels in 2018. (eMarketer)

Three levels of protection implemented in the fight against ad fraud

Fraudlogix has launched a three-level, integrated approach to fighting ad fraud and boosting quality for its clients. The process includes checking domains during onboarding, pre-bid blocking, and pixel-based analysis of traffic. Read more and view a short video about it here. (Fraudlogix)

AppNexus withdraws from MRC accreditation

The MRC announced that AppNexus' past accreditations have been revoked and that the company has withdrawn from future accreditation processes. AppNexus responded that it was not seeking re-accreditation for its full platform and would discontinue the considerable fee payment associated with it. It found the process unnecessarily duplicative in both cost and effort.  (MarTech)

Index Exchange expands as ad tech consolidation looms

Index Exchange announced on Wednesday that it's hiring 200 staffers by the end of the year, bringing its headcount to 520. This in the midst of other ad tech companies contracting. (Ad Age)

Ads.txt adoption grows, and so has enforcement

With more and more publishers adopting ads.txt, buyers - originally concerned over inventory levels - are beginning to filter out those publishers that haven't implemented ads.txt. MediaMath, for example, started kicking out publishers from its curated market in January. (Digiday)

IAB Tech Lab releases open measurement software development kit

The IAB Technology Laboratory released its Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), a set of tools designed to seamlessly facilitate third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served in mobile app environments—without various measurement provider SDKs and systems previously required. (IAB)

Top 10 mobile ad tech trends

Mobile Advertising is a rapidly changing vertical and mobile advertising technology has seen tremendous technological innovation and growth. In this dynamic space of mobile ad-tech, it sometimes becomes difficult to track what’s trending. Some themes are recurring, whereas some are in the process of gaining traction. (MarTech Advisor)

Sorry Blockchain: Tackling the ad-fraud problem in a tech-driven world

Paul Roberts, Founder & CEO of Kubient, a programmatic platform, cuts through the blockchain hype and points out the problems of fighting ad fraud with the ledger technology. (Forbes)

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