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RTB Corner: April 26, 2018

Posted by Fraudlogix on Apr 26, 2018 1:49:39 PM

RTB Corner for April 26, 2018 - The latest news and views for the Supply-Side and DSP Community.

IAB UK show huge mobile growth as direct programmatic hits tipping point

The IAB and PwC Digital Adspend report for 2017 is in -- and it's good news for the smartphone, which saw 45% of all digital advertising spending and dramatic increases in mobile video. However, the report also showed that of programmatic trades, nearly 2 in 3 were handled through private marketplaces rather than open exchanges. (MediaPost) More on the report here.

Fraudlogix and PubNative Team Up to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud

Mobile platform PubNative and Fraudlogix are joining forces to fight ad fraud. The new partnership will strengthen PubNative's abilities to filter out fraudulent traffic pre-bid, adding another level of protection for advertisers. A PubNative blog about how they're approaching the ad fraud problem can be found here. (Fraudlogix)

Feds attend ad tech conference to speak about the future of ad fraud and crime

A member of the Justice Department's criminal division and a special agent with the FBI attended Rubicon Project's digital advertising conference, Executive Exchange, last week to speak about the future of ad fraud and crime. The special agent spoke about how ad fraud represents a new world of crime for publishers and consumers.  (Axios)

Human error is the hidden ghost in the programmatic machine

In this opinion piece, it's argued that human bias finds its way into everything - even into the algorithms that power programmatic advertising, which can negatively impact digital ad performance. (Mumbrella)

P&G ends its YouTube boycott after more than a year

One of world's biggest advertisers, P&G, kept its ads off YouTube for more than a year because of concerns about inappropriate content. Now it's returning to the video site, but a lot more selectively than before. (AdAge)

It’s the ROI, stupid: Advertisers talk a big game on brand safety, but rarely follow through

In this piece,the author argues that even though advertisers express outrage and often pause spending in the wake of a brand safety gaff - they often return. The risk-cost trade off is a challenge to brand safety. (Digiday)

Oracle buys Grapeshot

Oracle has acquired Grapeshot, a UK-based contextual targeting startup, the companies announced Tuesday. Grapeshot provides pre-bid insights based on the media being considered. (AdExchanger)

3 reasons The Trade Desk has more strong growth ahead

This analysis of The Trade Desk and existing opportunities explains why the market is optimistic on TDD stock. (Fox Business)

IAB Tech Lab acquires DigiTrust

The IAB Tech Lab, the research and development arm affiliated with the trade group, has acquired the nonprofit online identity consortium DigiTrust, who had originally broken off from the IAB in 2014. (AdExchanger)

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