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RTB Corner: July 18, 2019

Posted by Fraudlogix on Jul 18, 2019 3:25:19 PM

Google bans major Chinese app developer CooTek from Play Store for continued use of disruptive ads

Google is banning CooTek, a publicly traded Chinese app developer, from its Play store and ad platforms after evidence was presented that its apps continued to bombard users with disruptive ads even after the company claimed it had stopped the behavior. (BuzzFeed News)

Malware framework creates one billion fake Google Adsense ad impressions in a few months

Researchers have revealed a new malware framework that focuses on bumping up advert impressions to generate fraudulent revenue for operators. Cybersecurity firm Flashpoint said the framework has been responsible for over one billion fraudulent Google Adsense ad impressions in the past three months alone -- and is also able to generate fake likes on YouTube videos as well as watch hidden Twitch streaming sessions. (ZDNet)

Confiant publishes research on extensive malvertiser scheme

Confiant, a company that blocks malicious advertisements, explores the techniques and tactics of a persistent malvertiser that specializes in building relationships with legitimate DSPs. (Confiant)

LUMA Digital Brief 024 — Market Report Q2 2019

LUMA’s latest Market Report highlights the public and private markets during Q2 2019. It was a particularly strong quarter for M&A, with the most deal activity (both volume and value) over the last year. (LUMA)

Amazon emerges as Google challenger in advertiser perceptions SSP report

Amazon Publisher Services shot up in the rankings in the 2019 Advertiser Perceptions supply-side platform (SSP) report, emerging as a challenger to Google. The survey evaluated 18 exchanges via a poll of 155 sales and ops staffers from sites with at least 3 million monthly uniques. (AdExchanger)

YouTube's trampled foes plot antitrust revenge

Bloomberg outlines the stories of ad tech entrepreneurs, including former AppNexus CEO Brian O'Kelley, and how their businesses were affected by Google's changes to ad buying processes. It also examines how U.S. regulators and politicians may react to antitrust claims. (Bloomberg)

Blackstone acquires app-install company Vungle in a $750M cash deal

Private equity firm Blackstone said Monday that it intends to acquire Vungle, an ad tech company widely regarded as a capable alternative to Google and Facebook when it comes to getting consumers to download, install apps. (AdAge)

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