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RTB Corner: Oct. 24, 2019

Posted by Fraudlogix on Oct 24, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Snaptube app caught serving up invisible ads and charging users for premium purchases they didn't make

TSnaptube, a popular video downloader app for Android that has over 40 million users, has been caught generating fake ad clicks and unauthorized premium purchases from its users. According to security firm Upstream, users are served invisible ads without their knowledge that run silently on the device. The app also uses the same background click technique to rack up charges for premium purchases the user never requested. (TechCrunch)

Rubicon snaps up header bidding solution startup RTK for $11 million

Rubicon Project has acquired RTK.io, a header bidding tools and services provider, for $11 million in an all-cash transaction. In extending its Demand Manager product portfolio and client base, Rubicon will look to further address the needs of publishers around the world. (MobileMarketing)

Roku purchases Dataxu DSP for $150 million as it looks to launch an OTT marketplace

Roku’s $150 million purchase of Dataxu illustrates the streaming giant’s vision to own and operate an open marketplace for OTT inventory. The deal, announced Tuesday, gives Roku a self-serve buying platform that hooks into both its own and other OTT premium video supply, as well as display and cross-platform media. (adExchanger)

Big brands, and their ads, are appearing along side pirated content on popular TeaTV site

A service called TeaTV lets people watch seemingly pirated content, including popular movies and shows from HBO and Netflix, for free with ads. And it appears to be tapping into the digital advertising ecosystem to get ad revenue from legit advertisers, including Walgreens, Amazon, and Kia. (CNBC)

iPhone jailbreakers lured to click fraud site

A cybergang has created a malicious website that dangles the reward of being able to jailbreak an iPhone, but instead injects the device with click fraud malware. (SC Magazine)

Amazon fires up ad-supported News video app

Amazon has unleashed an ad-supported video news app designed for Fire TV devices, enabling viewers to catch up on all the latest current events with both live and on-demand content from the likes of CBS, Reuters and Bloomberg. Amazon is in process of devising new ad revenue streams to diversify its revenue base, becoming the third-largest digital advertiser in the US after Google and Facebook in the process. (The Drum)

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