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Quality is Key: VertaMedia Partners With Fraudlogix to Monitor All Programmatic Impressions

Posted by Fraudlogix on May 15, 2017 11:12:36 AM

Partnership provides video monetization platform with enhanced monitoring for ad fraud, brand safety, domain masking and viewability

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. (May 15, 2017) VertaMedia, the leading video monetization platform, has partnered with ad fraud-detection and verification company Fraudlogix, which specializes in developing supply-side solutions, to monitor its impressions for ad fraud, brand safety, domain masking and viewability. The partnership forms part of VertaMedia’s ongoing commitment to filter out low-quality and fake impressions from its platform, ensuring the highest-quality video ad traffic for its buyers. It’s becoming increasingly important to monitor not only for fake traffic, but for brand safety, viewability and domain masking. In partnership with Fraudlogix, VertaMedia will bolster its existing capabilities to identify fraudulent impressions, sources of low viewability, placements that may jeopardize a brand’s image and uncover false domain declarations in ad bids. With an API connection and constantly updating data, VertaMedia is able to integrate the intelligence Fraudlogix provides into its systems to constantly optimize its traffic for quality.

“Fraudlogix boasts powerful capabilities that will be a valuable addition to our anti-fraud toolkit, ensuring we continue to offer only the best quality traffic to our buyers,” commented Alex Bornyakov, Founder of VertaMedia. “Our partnership demonstrates our continued pledge to eradicate fraud from the digital advertising supply chain, and we have recently been awarded the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Certified Against Fraud Seal in recognition of this.”

“It’s clear that VertaMedia is focused on quality and providing only the best placements for its buyers,“ said Fraudlogix CEO Hagai Shechter. “We’re happy to help them fight ad fraud and our supply-side focused solutions allow our clients to monitor all traffic and identify and block the sources of low-quality impressions.”


About VertaMedia
VertaMedia (https://vertamedia.com/) is a video monetization platform that helps publishers to maximize their inventory in an increasingly programmatic advertising ecosystem. Its advanced, white-label technology uses a bespoke system, the VertaMedia™ Intelli algorithm, to instantly link publishers with the best demand source for each impression, delivering fill rates of up to 45% in an industry where averages are just 15-20%. VertaMedia is headquartered in New York with offices globally and is recognized as one of America's fastest-growing private companies by Inc. 5000, with 576% year-on-year expansion.

About Fraudlogix
Fraudlogix (www.fraudlogix.com) is an online advertising fraud detection company founded in 2010 by industry veterans with a deep understanding of the digital ad ecosystem. It is the first of its kind to cater to the unique challenges faced by the supply side (ad networks, ad exchanges, and SSPs) and DSPs within the online advertising marketplace, providing them with pre-bid ad fraud solutions for desktop, mobile, in-app and video environments. Today, Fraudlogix monitors data from over 490 million unique users, 8.2 million websites and 1.2 billion unique devices monthly. Visit www.fraudlogix.com for more information.

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