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Vidstart partners with Fraudlogix for ad fraud prevention, risk reduction

Posted by Fraudlogix on Aug 27, 2019 4:48:21 PM

Vidstart, a monetization platform, has entered into a partnership with Fraudlogix in order to implement further anti-fraud measures that will ensure high-quality traffic and prevent ad fraud schemes.

Vidstart develops and operates apps on mobile devices and connected TVs, and monetizes them using video ads. The Company places a strong emphasis on ensuring clean traffic and employs a team of ad-quality professionals that use cyber security-based fraud detection and prevention solutions to identify and mitigate ad fraud. The company is partnering with Fraudlogix to increase its anti-fraud efforts in order to provide quality reliable traffic to its customers.

"Platforms like Vidstart are working hard to identify and eliminate invalid traffic from supply sources, before it becomes a problem for the buy side. We're happy to provide them with an ad verification solution that allows them to monitor all of their impressions and optimize their inventory," said Fraudlogix CEO, Hagai Shechter. "It makes the most sense to filter fraudulent traffic out at this point in the supply chain before it disperses into advertisers campaigns."

"We will keep investing heavily in the most innovative technologies out-there in order to eliminate fraud and ensure our clients with quality and real users watching their ads," says Rotem Gindi, Vidstart CEO and Co-Founder. "As ad-fraud is getting more sophisticated, our technologies keep our customers one step ahead."

About Vidstart
Vidstart is a holistic platform for video and interactive ads, and provides global partners with infinite premium inventory on demand while developing and operating apps. With over 650 million monthly impressions, Vidstart specializes in assembling tailored solutions precisely designated to the advertiser's unique needs. Advanced applications such as "Vidstart Deep" offer personalized automated methods and real-time smart optimization. https://www.vidstart.com

Learn more about Fraudlogix's fraud solutions for the mobile, in-app, video, and OTT space here.

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