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RTB Corner: Oct. 11, 2018

Posted by Fraudlogix on Oct 11, 2018 12:00:00 PM

The latest news and views for the Supply-Side and DSP Community.

New study finds 12% of digital ad traffic to be fraudulent

Fraudlogix released a report this week that finds 12 percent of global digital ad traffic to be fraudulent with the US and UK having even higher percentages. The report also finds that desktop ad traffic is much riskier than mobile. (Fraudlogix)

Fraudsters are masquerading as real DSPs

Bad actors are pretending to be legit, demand-side platforms to try and fool supply partners and blend in with real ad calls as a way to purvey malware and litter the web with forced redirects. (AdExchanger)

ANA letter suggests members cooperate with FBI’s criminal investigation into media buying practices

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) released a letter to its primary members confirming that the FBI has reached out seeking assistance in its ongoing investigation into potentially illegal media buying practices within the ad industry. Public knowledge of the investigation followed a Sept. 27 Wall Street Journal report confirming that the federal government had begun issuing subpoenas, particularly to Havas. (AdWeek)

AppNexus CEO Brian O'Kelley steps down

In what some are saying is the end of an era, Brian O'Kelley, founder and CEO of AppNexus, is stepping out of that position to shift to an advisory role within AT&T. This after AT&T acquired AppNexus and recently launched its new advertising and analytics unit, Xandr. (The Wall Street Journal)

The Trade Desk is flying high. Can it last?

When The Trade Desk IPO’d in September 2016, it nearly doubled its own value projection and quickly became a $1 billion company. Fast-forward two years and the company’s market cap sits at around $6 billion. The question for many analysts and ad tech observers is: How long can this ride last? (AdExchanger)

The Digiday dictionary: Deconstructing media and marketing’s buzzwords

On a lighter note, Digiday released its third edition of the Digiday Dictionary - a reference list for the marketing jargon and buzzwords that are often thrown around the industry. (Digiday)

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