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RTB Corner: Aug 29, 2019

Posted by Fraudlogix on Aug 30, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Q2 2019 Ad Fraud Report - 12% of ad traffic is fraudulent

Fraudlogix released its Q2 2019 Ad Fraud Report, finding that about 12 percent of programmatic ad traffic was fraudulent during the second quarter of this year. A series of insights can be found on the Fraudlogix Blog. (Fraudlogix)

Google cuts off Adobe’s DSP from its ad exchange

Google has blocked access to its online ad exchange via one of the industry’s major online media-buying tools in Europe following concerns that Adobe’s demand-side platform was implicated in a recent malvertising attack. (AdWeek)

Fake app installs collectively cost companies billions

Digital app install fraud, for which companies falsely get charged, has become increasingly common. Developers pay the app store, such as Google Play, each time someone downloads and installs their app -- forcing companies like Singular to step up and invest more in their technology to detect when the app doesn't get installed or when the app contains some sort of malware. (MediaPost)

Apple: 'We'll treat sites like malware if they break ad tracking rules'

Months after updating Safari's anti-tracking feature, Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Apple has detailed a further set of anti-tracking measures designed to stop platforms and adtech players using cookies for cross-site targeting purposes. The company's WebKit team, which power the browser engine behind Safari, has released a new policy statement detailing the restrictions cookie offenders will face if they try to circumvent Apple's rules. (The Drum)

London advertiser Aspect calls on Google to tackle "click fraud"

A London maintenance company has called on Google to do more to tackle so-called “click fraud” after seeing its advertising budget rapidly eaten up. (Evening Standard)

U.S. Senate seeks to understand the digital ad ecosystem

Read the written responses of Brian O'Kelley to questions posed by U.S. Senators about the digital ad ecosystem, consumer data, privacy, and more. (U.S. Senate)

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