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When Good Publishers Go Bad: How ‘Premium’ Publishers Get Caught Up In Ad Fraud & How it Can Be Prevented

Posted by Fraudlogix on Jan 23, 2018 11:50:00 AM

Every corner of the programmatic ecosystem can be affected by ad fraud – even premium publishers and quality ad tech vendors can get inadvertently pulled into programmatic’s fraudulent underbelly. Some publishers are unaware of a problem until they’re blocked from a platform. On the flip side, an ad tech platform on the supply side might approach a normally quality publisher with evidence of ad fraud, but the publisher legitimately doesn’t know where the problem is originating or how to fix it. So how does this happen and what can publishers do to prevent ending up on someone’s blacklist?

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Topics: Ad Fraud, Publishers, Supply Side

What to Do When a Valued Partner/Publisher Sends 'Crappy' Traffic

Posted by Fraudlogix on Nov 2, 2017 8:30:00 AM

The supply side of the RTB Programmatic industry walks a precarious line between maintaining important publisher partnerships and ensuring those same partners are sending quality traffic. Inevitably, a time will come when a publisher’s traffic sends quality flags flying. So now what?  You want to maintain the partnership but at the same time issues with invalid impressions, brand safety, and viewability need to be addressed. It’s time to be candid with your supply partners.

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Topics: Ad Fraud, Supply Side, Ad Tech Partnerships

evania video: Assisting a Video Platform in the Ad Fraud Fight

Posted by Fraudlogix on Oct 6, 2017 11:02:16 AM

With ad buyers and marketers increasingly demanding more transparency and quality checks within the programmatic supply chain, evania video is proactively putting measures in place to mitigate marketers’ risk and ensure high-quality inventory. evania video, a leading publisher-management platform in the video advertising industry, has partnered with Fraudlogix in its quest for additional quality controls. The partnership will provide evania video granular, real-time data regarding the quality of its inventory by constantly monitoring all traffic for ad fraud, domain spoofing, viewability and brand safety.

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Topics: Ad Fraud, evania video, Video Monetization, Supply Side

Top 3 Supply-Side Challenges in the Ad Fraud Fight... And How Fraudlogix Addresses Them

Posted by Fraudlogix on Jun 6, 2017 10:20:41 AM

When it comes to ad fraud in the programmatic RTB space most narratives concentrate on the demand side and advertisers losing money to fraudsters. Not much is ever said about the efforts going on at the other end of the spectrum: the supply side. Ad fraud can be detrimental to the sell-side of the community [i.e., ad networks, exchanges, and supply-side platforms (SSPs)] -- a handful of fraudulent publishers can wreak havoc on inventory quality. But when going about cleaning it up there’s a different set of challenges. Here are the top three and how Fraudlogix addresses them:

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Topics: Ad Fraud, Supply Side

Reasoning behind adding reason codes to an IP blacklist

Posted by Fraudlogix on Mar 14, 2017 10:00:00 AM

It's common and even expected within the online advertising marketplace to employ an IP blacklist to traffic—a list of IPs that are considered high risk for generating fake impressions and clicks. Companies are given the lists and told to steer clear to prevent ad fraud. But what is the reasoning behind the list? And shouldn't a user have a bit of insight about why an IP made the list, especially if it means blocking potentially valuable impressions?

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Topics: IP Block List, Ad Fraud, Data Feeds, Fake traffic, Supply Side, Blacklists

Fraudlogix interview: Identifying, detecting, and terminating ad fraud

Posted by Fraudlogix on Aug 10, 2016 3:18:30 PM

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Topics: Ad Fraud, Supply Side, Impression Fraud, Fake traffic

Some networks monitor publishers for impression fraud all wrong

Posted by Fraudlogix on Jul 5, 2016 9:00:00 AM

For many on the supply side, the onboarding of new publisher partners includes an initial vetting of their traffic, looking for impression fraud and invalid traffic. This quality check is important in the prevention of ad fraud making its way into a platform or exchange. But once publishers are given the green light to sell inventory, are they ever inspected again? They should be.

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Topics: Ad Fraud, Supply Side, Impression Fraud

Cutting out low-quality traffic doesn't mean cutting revenue

Posted by Fraudlogix on Jun 28, 2016 10:41:32 AM

Within the programmatic ad industry, supply side revenue (that of networks, SSPs and exchanges) is directly connected to the amount of traffic that passes through their space, as they get a percentage of the CPM on every transaction. This correlation between traffic volume and revenue is hard to ignore and it has also helped to drive an unfounded fear among some sell siders that any reduction of volume will negatively affect the bottom line. Not true.

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Topics: Ad Fraud, Supply Side, Fake traffic

Ad fraud is not the problem…

Posted by Hagai Shechter on Feb 5, 2016 12:00:00 AM

As far back as 1998 when I first started my career in the online advertising space, fraud was one of the industry’s biggest threats (even if many advertisers didn’t necessarily realize it). Some thought that their abysmal performance metrics were due to poor creatives, lack of detailed tracking systems or they chalked it up to a simple “that’s how internet advertising works”. With time we began to understand that ad fraud was a contributing factor to poor performance metrics. At first we didn’t have the proper understanding of it, much less the proper tools to identify it, and so the fraudsters were for the most part one step ahead in the arms race.

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Topics: Cost of Ad Fraud, Supply Side